The Duterte Challenge: Researching the Filipino in Us

Two months in office and President Rodrigo Duterte is herding the nation onto what political, social and economic authorities say is a series of much needed, timely and “no recent presidents dared to do before” acts. The ripples of this new leadership style is receiving widespread acceptance among various sectors of the social strata which indicates the Filipino’s willingness to support efforts that are propitious for a peaceful and productive life in the native land.

Back to School : Will Education Land You a Job?

As millions of students rush to colleges and universities starting this month, the perennial questions posed to parents as much as to each student may include how to sustain the latter’s education up to the time he graduates and what to expect once he does. Yet the issue on what the student should take could be more thought of and may need more serious consideration.  As a learner, is the course you have set for yourself your best scenario? Will your education land you a good paying job?