Duterte SONA 2016: Push It, Change!

Photo Credit: GMA News
President Rodrigo Duterte's first State of the Nation Address (SONA) officially constructs the landscape for change - piece by piece, speedily and firmly. As most of us grapple in awe, the moment still needs extending far beyond our comfort zones and customary habits of indifference, mediocrity, even sarcasm over what the government does and doesn’t do. Now that we have the chance, are we willing to sacrifice and push ourselves to do our part in this social change?

Duterte vs. Illegal Drugs: Drastic Measures, Drastic Change

President Duterte’s fight against the illegal drug trade is relentless and continues to draw reactions of approval as well as disgust. While the President clearly instructs law enforcers to act within what the law dictates, a disturbing number of allegedly extra-judicial killings surface. Yet THOUSANDS have surrendered to the police as users, pushers and/or traffickers.

Rising Expectations: Can Duterte Do It?

Frustration over and mistrust in government systems and procedures of recent administrations have risen high among Filipinos as manifested in the 2016 landslide win of Rodrigo Roa Duterte, now the 16th President of the Philippine Republic.