Olongapo Transgender Killing: Hate Crime, et al

When transgender Jennifer (Jeffrey Laude) and now identified suspect PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton checked into an Olongapo motel minutes after a CCTV caught them with a group of 3 more foreigners and Jennifer’s friend, it took less than an hour to turn this “ liking” scene into one of frenzy and murder.

Purisima: Top Cop Woes

The foremost guardian of peace and order is bombarded with allegations and his house is being put in disarray.

PNoy: Second Term If

President Benigno Aquino III is no masochist by seeking another six years in office though he says he continues to consult his “Bosses”.

Has he ever defined to us who these “bosses” are?
Because “Boss” will ring a bell to those who have resources; it will sound out-of-tune to the hardworking middle class. Doubtful if it were to be appreciated in the farms, and a hundred percent sure it will insult the pesoless, the homeless, the hungry.

Gilas Pilipinas: FIBA 2014 Winningest Losers

Logo of Team Smart Gilas or Gilas Pilipinas
FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) Basketball World Cup 2014 welcomes the special return of the Philippines to the international court of basketball after forty years.
Their feat: 1 win in 5 games with three “almost” wins and just one sure loss.