Graduation Elation

Anak ko ‘yan!”, loudly and proudly reflects in the eyes of each parent during the Pin and Ring Ceremonies of some 150 Nursing graduates, our son included. No matter if present statistics say that half of the people who are in the labor force are without jobs and there exists a perception that the country has an oversupply of nurses. In a society where formal education is a prime tool to acquiring the resources for one’s lifetime, finally seeing your own child graduate from college becomes your own life culmination.

Human Trafficking: Are We Going to the Dogs?

It’s the same sad story over again: a young girl pushed by a poverty-laden household, deceived by money slaves called “pimps”, who are in turn funded by money makers whose only skill is to sell people. shows data from the 2006 US Department of State Human Rights Report that up to 400,000 women and up to 100,000 children are subjected to all forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor and even drug trafficking within the country or  in other countries of destination.

The Role of Attitude and Aptitude in Success

To be successful in ones endeavors is something that every person strives for. We all have our goals, desires and dreams. Man in his multitude of shape size and color share a common drive to live in the best way he possibly can, no matter the harshness of his environment. Indeed, one’s environment moulds us to a great extent and forever shapes us into what we are.