Independent New President?

As we look forward to the proclamation of a new President and all other elected officials, we think of how much the people’s mandate could bring forth a more hopeful six years to the nation. As it is, President-apparent Benigno Aquino III has floated names of trusted friends for his cabinet and received a number of dignitaries and personalities at the family home in Times Street where he allegedly will stay as President-elect.  Having earlier stated  that, upon proclamation of the House of Representatives as the new national leader, he (Noynoy) will take his oath not before the newly GMA-appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, mixed public reaction surfaced. Also, his indifference to people criticizing his smoking in public  is creating an early wave of unease.

Social expectation spells out the President as a role-model, the epitome of his countrymen, the reflection of the people he rules, and the reality of what the country could become: great. Noynoy has promised to become such, whether consciously or not. Realizing  his campaign line of fighting corruption  will greatly depend on the people he will choose and how they will be able to influence the lower echelon to act accordingly. In the process, he will get in conflict with relatives and friends who have been alleged actors in robbing the nation of billions of pesos. May he be strong enough to champion justice and bring about real progress and peace. But he won’t be able to do it without every one of us joining in the effort. 

In the long run, we pray that the people’s lone reason for electing Benigno Aquino III to office as a beam of hope for a new Philippines will be justified.