Cinematic Election Results

Technology awes us all, when the 10 May national elections was suddenly over for each of us after some five minutes!  Really! It felt like “what’s the fuss?” denouement to all pre-poll doubts and fears, amidst a carnival of promises for a good life to all Filipinos. Yet as the drama of election results unfold, a lot has to be reassessed and rethought.

Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III  made it as the popular one. With a history of parents at the forefront of Philippine modern day democracy  and a witty-nutty showbiz darling as a sister, the formula equaled victory. For himself, Noynoy presents a mix of honesty and the unarmed stance of a newcomer still to be tried in the ever-corrupting forest of dirty politics where lions feed on the more gullible, the trusting, and the hopeful. He has to be on guard while being true to the democratic principles he professes and try his best to help those who are truly in need. But his obstacles are clearly great.

The Vice-Presidential race is tight and is being watched closely by all, while the Senate as well as the House of Representatives will become a stage show with the influx of re-electionist and newcomer movie and television stars,  along with the former President Gloria Macapagal  Arroyo and the former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

Still, there were numerous reports of election-related violence, cheating, harassment and result-related protests. The way we (Filipinos) voted reflect the various layers of the socio-economic structure where the increasing poor sector predominates, the thinning middle class as next in number, and the ever ‘growing- rich’  elite on top of the pyramid.

Did we do the right thing? Only time will tell and after all is said, all should be done in due time. Let us all pray that the ignorant will try to learn, that the greedy will be found out and dealt with, that the inhuman will gain conscience in the process, and that the innocent will be spared. And, lest we forget,  we need all the good men who lost and ourselves to win the real fight.