Mean Drought and Election Fever

The driest spell is on since decades ago, and pity our rice and other staple farms, our fish ponds and every body of water receding and enabling living creatures to go on. The cows and goats, chicken and hogs are feeling the wrath, too. At the end of the line, we are just starting to feel the burn but are still grateful for all the foodstuff still in the market, albeit the rising prices of energy use. 

While we all struggle, the campaign trail for the national elections in Ten May is ablaze, as some candidates race to how much they could pay mass media for their faces and names as much as their grandiose promises to be imprinted on the electorate’s minds and hopefully on the individual ballots. Those who modestly go to each debate and clearly explain what they have done and can still do deserve a second look and may prove to be the better choices. Those who have been proven unfaithful to the principles of democracy and to the public trust still dare to whitewash in front of cameras and on print, and we pray that the masses will think of their betterment as families rather than content themselves with feelings of show business adulation and idolatry and continue in their state of being disadvantaged.

Let us remember that these moments of natural and social difficulties will become worse than better if we don’t think of what is best for our children and for this earth. We have had many beautiful summers to have equipped us for the torrential and seemingly endless fall of rain, literally and figuratively.